Mar 4, 2008

Who I am?

Hello everybody,

One day in January I read about Wikiversity in the newspaper. That was the first time when I heard it, so I went to my computer and checked it. And what I found...? ...very interesting and fascinating learning environment where learning is main thing without heavy bureaucracy. Immediately I found interesting course "Composing free and open online educational resources" which I'd like to take part in.

And now here I am ;) My name is Ari and I have worked for a long time with online education, designed and taught courses in health sciences at the University of Kuopio. Last autumn I got excited open resources and environments in online education. Thanks for my colleague who maintained that open online environments are better for learning than closed. I wondered WHY? But I did'nt get satisfying answer. After that I however have read more about this, and the more I have read the more I have made certain that he could be right. This course will be one step again in my learning process and during this I will start to plan my first "open online course".

I hope enjoyable learning for all of you!

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