Mar 14, 2008

My first steps with Wikiversity

Firstly I had a problem which web-community, LeMill or Wikiversity to join. My solution was both, so I acquainted myself with LeMill and Wikiversity. Both web-community are interesting and useful for me. LeMill is easy to use and it's face is clear and pleasant. Wikiversity contains more material and portals, but is little messy to my liking. However my final decision was Wikiversity where I found some health projects close to me. These learning resource pages invited everybody to expand and create educational content.

The next step was that I introduced myself in Wikiversity. Then I studied more how to edit in Wikiversity. There are very helpful instructions for the beginners e.g. Short Introductory tutorial and Help:Editing. I read also Erkan's hints and watched one videoclip.

Finally I create two sentences for the content of health. Later I can add more... For the meantime I haven't start my own project yet. Indecision is my problem. Probably I will start to do new learning content to Wikiversity. The topic could be public health. There is this topic in Wikiversity, but without content, and my thought is that I could use this kind of learning material in my own courses.

After all my first steps were pretty easy. I have got excited OER more and more. I found useful hints and material, and got encouragement. Thanks for Erkan! Your chat message encouraged me:) I just hope that I find more time to do these things, but it's up to me.


Erkan Yilmaz said...

videoclip: what was it about, perhaps we can find it for you ? Was it: Editing tutorial ?
some more videos you can find in the category Video media

>I just hope that I find more time to do these things
yeah, I feel you

Greetings from Germany,

hard-e said...

Thanks Erkan! It was that editing tutorial. Now I have add it.

with regards Ari