Mar 10, 2008

Open education projects

The examples of open education projects were very interesting. All of them were new for me. Open university (LearningSpace) gives course material and free access to them. I found many interesting health topics and it came to me that why I couldn't add some my material too? Maybe this would be my future project. In LearningSpace gives useful tools e.g. FlashMeeting and FlashVlog, Knowledge Maps etc. and their use has been guided. This weighs promising. I have to get familiar with this more and more.

The Rice Connexions is little different than LearningSpace, but the main idea is same: to share educational material and collaborate. There are handy module form and workable search for content. For the moment there are over 5000 reusable modules. Unbelievable! The health topics aren't so much than LearningSpaces, but some I could find. The Baraniuk's presentation was inspirational. And TED talk is again one useful open educational tool ;) I found one very interesting presentation from the spread of AIDS, which I am going to use in my course's extra material.

MIT OpenCourseWare is fantastic. I hope that this is university in future all over the world. Knowledge has to share and give possibilities for everyone. For example it was very interesting to consider the course named by "Narrative ethics", where students read literature like Kafka, Carver etc.

LeMill is web community for finding and sharing educational resources. It is definite and one notable advantage is that LeMill could use in Finnish too. I think that I will be more familiar with this during this week.

On the whole these example projects were fascinated. There are so much information and stimuli for my own education. If this goes on, I will be addicted...


Isä said...

Hi. I think the fact that the issue of language matters is totally underestimated. I fully agree with you. Everyone should have a right to use his or her first language when learning! - Teemu

hard-e said...

Hello Teemu,

It is also important to learn other languages. We have to be some common language understanding each others. For example this course is a very good practice for me.