Apr 20, 2008

Take and share pictures

This week's assignment was very practical and useful. This topic "pictures taking and sharing" in this course was most familiar to me. I have taken and edited pictures early by using free Gimp image editor. Still I didn't use it in this assignment, because I thought that it is useful to learn new practical tools. So I used Adobe Photoshop Express and I loved it. It is so easy to use. Every editing tools are in the same view.

For the beginners like me every photography and their editing tips are useful. For example I have taught myself to using Gimp. I found practical and good educational guidelines in Finnish. Nowadays it is easy to use digital camera. Of course it is also important to understand which every settings mean. The given video clips shown many basics idea in photography.

Uploading photos to Flickr and Wikimedia Commons was surprisingly easy. I added above photo to Wikimedia Commons. It is wonderful we had this kind of database for free media files. I will use these in my online education in future. Now I don't need to think can I use this photo or not. In this assignment I have learnt more to using Wikimedia Commons.

Have a nice and sunny springdays, I try to catch up with course schedule :-)


Isä said...

Great! Happy to hear that you have found the world of free media useful.

In future you could maybe post a higer resolution versions of your pictures to the Wikimedia Commons. This way they will be even more useful for other people.

- Teemu

hard-e said...

Thanks for a good tips. I have to be more precise in future.

- ari