Apr 26, 2008

Making audio

Sometimes is useful to come behind the others. I read classmates' technical problems in this assignment, so I prepared myself for problems with reading instructions conscientiously and thinking issues before doing. My biggest problem has had that I do before thinking. But this week I was successful in audio making and everything went well.

Audacity installing was fluent and given YouTube tutorials was informative and useful. Without it I would have forgotten to install LAME. I'm sure about it. Well... I have to confess, I played Audacity with my children many times and we have a great time. My daughters sang the songs and we listened them again and again. Beforehand I thought to use my digital voice recorder, but the problem was that recorder only save files as a Windows Media Audio (WMA), not MP3 files. Maybe there would be some software to convert WMA to MP3, but my schedule hasn't given away to look for this kind of solution. I considered that using Audacity, I managed this easily.

Well here is the picture front of my dwellings http://www.flickr.com/photos/25689078@N02/2437272072/ and here you can listen my audiocast http://switchpod.com/users/haaranen/feed.xml. Unfortunately the quality of podcast's voice wasn't so well as I wish. It was due to my computer's line in microphone, which I only had. But I hope that you will find out.

In my opinion RSS fit to the podcasting as well as other forms like blog entries and news. Usually my problem in RSS-feeds is that I choose too many feeds. Then they are so much and I haven't time to look at them. They go through my fingers. Now I have learnt to choosing only most important feeds for me. Well... I am still with, even if the end of course is in horizon.


barbara.braun said...

Hi - for wma to mp3 or wav you can use this one http://www.easywma.com/ next time you need it. Really handy.

JLH said...

I enjoyed your choice of describing the ant hill and the photo of your children. It reminds me of my children when they were younger and their fascination with ants and other insects. My children are much older now, but I still have a problem with ants around my house in the springtime.