May 4, 2008

Videos & CC

This video assignment was an interesting project for me. I learnt so much. Before I tell you more I show you video from Youtube considering my own subject area, health promotion.

I think that these examples are excellent and humorous way to tell how important is to promote health :-)

Then is time to release my own video. This was my first time to try to do educational video and I think I was success in pretty well...

jumpcut movie:Social support

I used Jumpcut to doing this video and it was easy, even if it demanded time. The hardest thing was to invent the topic and found suitable photos from Flickr. All founded photos used creative commons licences. Jumpcut respects copyright holders and it uses Yahoo! Copyright Notification Process.

In watching copyrights of other video websites I noticed copyright has been taken into consideration a little bit same way than Jumpcat has done. They refer Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Some of them like Teachertube, demand you agree to Creative Commons Attribute-Share Alike licensing and VideoLectures announce that all content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0 license. Also SciVee uses Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. It is encouraging that so many video websites use Creative Commons Attribution License, but the select few gives you to real chance to choose license you want.

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